Cleaning Home Appliances

Simple And Effective Ways To Clean Home Kitchen Appliances

It’s a fact of life that kitchen grime does build up. Regular use of appliances means that at some point, they will have to be cleaned. However, this need not be a time-consuming or stressful process most appliance cleaning tasks can be accomplished using common household cleaners or even products from your grocery cupboard. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your appliances stay in tip-top shape and continue to provide years of faithful service – and at the same time avoid some common hygiene issues.

One of the appliances that sees its fair share of use and a buildup of dirt and grime is your refrigerator. Cleaning a refrigerator regularly cannot only eliminate nasty odours – but can also allow you to maximize the usable space in the appliance and avoids the possibility of food borne illnesses. A mixture of vinegar and water will remove stains and grime. Mix together equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator where it is always at hand to deal with any spills or other unsightly refrigerator issues. Every month or two go that extra mile to deep clean your fridge. Remove all the shelving and soak in a solution of water and bleach. Then rinse thoroughly. Also, make sure to clean the seal of the fridge.

Cleaning a dishwasher is also essential to maintain acceptable standards of hygiene. Once again, vinegar can prove very useful. Fill up a cup with vinegar (make sure it’s dishwasher safe) and place the cup on the rack. Run the dishwasher on the hottest cycle possible. Once that is complete, rinse off with warm water. A good scrub every now and again is also a great idea. Remove all trays and go to town with a scrubbing brush and liquid detergent. For hard to reach places – try using a toothbrush. Removing ‘hard water’ stains and deposits can also be simple. Use the vinegar method but substitute lemon juice for the vinegar.

Microwaves tend to suffer a build up of grease and grime extremely quickly. Fill a microwave safe container and let it cook away on high heat for around 5 minutes (or until rapidly boiling). This should loosen all that caked in grime – and a simple wipe down with a soft kitchen cloth will be all that is required to return the microwave to a pristine and hygienic condition.

Stove tops and ovens can also quickly become encrusted with grease. This creates unpleasant odours and makes the entire cooking experience just as nasty. Use a gentle detergent on the stove top to wipe away foreign matter. If the grime is caked on, then use a scraper to loosen it before cleaning gently. Ovens can be cleaned using specialized chemical cleaners – but a gentler (and more environmentally friendly) method is to make use of a simple oven proof bowl filled with water. Let this bubble away for 25 minutes. Then let the water cool and add simple dishwashing liquid soap. Then simply use that to wipe down the interior of the stove.

Cleaning kitchen appliances need not be a chore. You can always hire cleaning services from sydney inner west cleaners to perform the cleaning job for your household appliances. Regular cleaning will remove most of the drudgery – and make it easier to enjoy a great kitchen experience.