The Electrical Installation Certificate, When Do I Need It?

Now that you know what the Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) is, also called an electrical bulletin, the next thing is to know when and who can request it. This official document guarantees that all the requirements of your home or business are met to receive the light supply, and an installation company must issue that document or a certified electrician, either private or from the distributor in your area. You will remember that each Autonomous Community elaborates a certificate model, but the information it contains is the same: the installed power and the maximum admissible power (the kW that can be supported by the electrical installation), a scheme and a location plan with the elements of the electrical network (where is the box, the plugs and the switches) and the characteristics of all the installed components. This is clear, but at what point is it necessary to obtain the CIE and when and by whom?

How Long Does It Take To Get The Electronic Bulletin And What Is Its Validity?

Like almost everything, it depends. First, it depends on how long it takes for the electrician to perform the inspection. Second, it depends on whether the review is favorable. In that case, you can obtain the electronic bulletin within a maximum period of 5 days. If it is not desirable, it will take more time, because you will have to wait for a more detailed inspection and correct any defects.

The validity of the electronic bulletin is 20 years; this means that after this time a new revision must be made, analyzing the state of the installation and checking that it has not been tampered with. If improvements have been included in the circuit, they must be included in the new electric bulletin certificate.